Written in 1875, William Ernest Henley’s “Invictus” still strikes a chord with those that choose to be their own guide in a world that is constantly pulling in the wrong direction.  We realize that there is nobody that can change our situation in life other than the person staring back in the mirror; no friend, enemy, parent, government, or regulatory body will drive us towards our passions, dreams and aspirations.  It is on each and every one of us to find what we desire, to work hard to reach it, and then to go above and beyond to the next target.


Enter Captain Your Soul, a way for those that understand this principle to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and challenges with others that are finding their way in the world.  We were never meant to be average, we strive for more. In our march towards victory, we understand that being the best person we can be encompasses all aspects of being human; our health, mentality, relationships, aspirations, and obstacles all play a role in forging the person that stands before the world today.  We are the unconquerable, we are the masters of our own fate.