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I preach location independence and self-reliance in my writing, and if you know me personally, it is one of the personal pillars which I stand upon.  I believe that the ability to travel and forget the drudge work of the classic 9-5 is paramount to living a good life, and working for yourself on your own accord is soul saving.  I have seen too many people be crushed by the “work for someone else, build someone else’s dream” life that I could never do it myself, I would loathe myself to my very core if I did.  


That being said, there are many platforms that exist that even 20 years ago would’ve been unfathomable.  The internet allows you to connect with millions of people, getting your message, products, and self out to the world.  I can impact someone on the other side of the planet at 3am while I am sleeping.  That’s pretty damn powerful if you ask me.  I have decided that via real estate and online channels, I will build a web of influence.  And here’s how you can do it as well.


Decide that you will not toil for anyone else any longer. This step is crucial and hence, why it is first.  Simply making the decision that you can no longer work under anyone else is the first step (No, LEAP) in getting to the point of busting out of the 9-5 grind and living your dreams.  Define what you want, and how you want your life to look.  Make it a vivid picture in your mind what you want your days to look like.  Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich comes to mind in the fact that he makes it imperative that you know what you are going after.  This is no different.


Take Action.  One of my many mistakes early on is that I read everything.  I would put off doing work so that I could read how other people did it, how they got their own online empires rolling.  In doing this, I was paralyzed by analysis. I would sit for hours in reading other people’s content instead of taking action myself, and effectively becoming a consumer myself instead of a producer.  This crippled me, and I don’t want to admit it, but I probably went over a year without really doing anything because I was analyzing ad nauseum.  


Should I make an affiliate site?


Should I do niche Sites?


Should I focus on PPC (what’s PPC, I need to go look that up now because I’m analyzing everything)


Should I blog?


Should I focus more on social media?


Should I eat chicken again tonight?


The answer is yes to all the above questions.  As Shia LaBoeuf says: “JUST DO IT!” in his green screen video.  You can think about doing something, or you can take the action, test it, and then make the decision after that has either succeeded or failed.

Scale is Everything.  Once you have discovered what the channel(s) are that you most enjoy and how they work via testing, you can now scale your business upward.  If you are building niche sites and you enjoy it and it’s making you money, build another one.  These sites I can probably have up and running in a week with a few hours a day invested.  As you get better with building websites and content, you only get quicker.  There are resources that you can use that will write content for you and people itching to build websites all over if you don’t know how.  Open your eyes.


To add to the above, if it can’t be scaled, then you won’t be making large money on it.  If you cannot scale a business and remove yourself from the flow of information and decision making a la Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Workweek then you will be forever running in circles asking yourself why you capped out at $X.  You want to free yourself to do what you enjoy doing and to break off and create more scalable businesses.  This is how you get to the point of freedom, by expanding your empire (via the internet is how I chose to do it).  


Everything Should Connect.  All of your online businesses (and businesses in general) should link to a central brand, purpose, or goal.  For me, Terminal Alliance is my blanket.  Via Terminal, I have niche sites that link to larger review sites, channels that drive traffic to my own sources, and personal sites and blogs that drive traffic to my other sites.  It’s called the Web for a reason, things interlink, and you should build your own web of influence.  Victor Pride does this very well with his sites: Bold and Determined links to BADNET, which links to his supplements company, which also links to his apparel store.  All the best internet marketers, artists, and influencers know this rule.  If you don’t want to build a web of sites, at least have social media accounts that link your followers to your site, and look into RSS feeds that will keep followers updated on your new articles, reviews, posts, videos, or whatever medium you choose to promote yourself.


Live Your Business Everyday.  One thing that people forget is that they are the business.  As Jay-Z so eloquently put it: “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man”  You need to understand that everything you do and how you live is reflective of your brand.  You are the Joe Smith brand, and how you carry yourself is how people will see your business.  Losers don’t get a following because nobody wants to be a loser.  Winners get a following because of how they live every single day of their lives.  If you are overweight, broke, or whatever, fix it.  By fixing your problems, you show people that it can be done and you inspire them.  For me, it was overcoming a severe injury and doing what 95% of people with the injury never come back from.  It was showing people that it can be done, and with every minute I’m alive, I remember what I came from, but more than that, I know that I don’t want to let people down.  I will not fall into a darkness, or lose hope, because I know I have people watching.  They want me to succeed, they want me to prove the doctors wrong, and I want to prove them right every day.  I work hard because I can, and as such, hopefully I can inspire at least one person to see that whatever they are going through is overcomeable, they can conquer it, and they can become the best person they can be.


Be Consistent.  Here is where I have struggled in the past and I think that many new entrepreneurs struggle: you need to be consistently working on your brand, business, and yourself.  If you let any of them go, it is hard to pick up the momentum.  If you’re writing, you need to be writing 500-1000 words per day minimum, more is always better.  If you build websites, you need to be working on them whenever you can in the day, and take a couple hours per day on the content and design.  As with real estate, you need to be making your calls, following up with prospects and clients and pounding the pavement not when you feel like it, but every damn day.  There is a discipline in being an entrepreneur, it is not motivation; if I waited for motivation to do most of what I do, it would never get done.  I pick myself up every day, and hammer down to do what needs to be done in order for me to get from A to B.  I know where I want to go, and the work will take me there.


Enjoy Every Step.  Lastly, and most importantly, make sure what you are doing is enjoyable for you.  I enjoy building websites, sales, marketing, and building a sphere of influence meticulously via my hard work and personality.  If you enjoy cooking, or gaming, or writing, or whatever, a business can be built around it.  Those guys on YouTube that are garnering millions of views about cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving? They’re making bank.  Whatever you enjoy, there’s a way to make a living and more off of it.  If you don’t enjoy anything, go out and try something new, because eventually, you’ll find what makes you passionate.  If you can’t get out of bed everyday and be excited about what you are about to do, change it.  Your life depends on it.


There’s a rough blueprint of how to make it online in business.  Sure we can get technical and talk about what CPC is, how to drive traffic, or whatever else.  If you guys are interested in that, post a comment below, and we’ll get around to it!


Until next time,
Josh Blais

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