My Goals for 2016

I know, I know. New Year’s Resolutions never materialize.  But some of the most successful people religiously look towards their next 365 days with goals and ambitions, and accomplish what they set out to do.  Arnold Schwarzenegger in his book Total Recall states this is one of his fundamental activities each and every year, setting goals to achieve, keeping himself accountable at all times.  I will do the same, and I’m making it public to keep myself accountable.  


Generally, I group goals into four broad categories. These being:


-Physical and Health

-Mind and Education (Learning and Growth)

-Spiritual and Social



In looking at these four groups, I see the exact goals that I want to put into place that will be medium-long term (ie 1 year) and then break these individual goals into monthly goals, which I write down every single night and make them ingrained in my everyday life.  I learnt this when going through my recovery, and it worked wonders; setting goals on literal hourly basis in some instances to meet and achieve.


Let’s get into it.


Physical and Health


These are the goals that include new PRs, weight and bodyfat %, and personal health.


  1. Hit a 315 lb benchpress one rep max by Jan. 1, 2017 (current 265)
  2. Hit a 135 lb front and back squat by Nov. 9, 2016 (Current N/A due to injury)
  3. Hit a 365 lb deadlift by Jan. 1, 2017 (current a little over 300)
  4. Hit a 145 lb OH Press (standing current 120) and 185 (sitting current 155)
  5. 10 pullups with 70 lbs hanging (current about 2)
  6. Bodyfat sub 10% and weight of 190 lbs by Jan. 1, 2017 (Current 12% and 180ish respectively)
  7. DEXA and blood tests 2x, one in June, one in Dec.


I also want to rock climb once this year, and continue my cardio/yoga sessions everyday.  Perhaps taking up a martial art again.


Mind and Education


These are the goals that involve reading books, learning new things, and finishing courses.


  1. Finish my Real Estate program by Feb. 15, 2016
  2. Read one book a month for the whole year
  3. Meditate 20 minutes before bed everyday.


Spiritual and Social


These goals are a broad category for social and spiritual gains (no I am not religious, but I believe that being strong emotionally involves the spirit).


  1. Meditate (see above)
  2. Discipline 6 days a week, up at 5, bed at 9, (I’ve found this best for kicking ass and taking names.)
  3. Meet one new person a day, both for social and business gains.




Lastly, business goals are anything regarding my operations in one of my several pursuits professionally.  This will include my blog, YouTube, my Solar Financing Company, and future investment/company ideas.


  1. Write 150 posts for this blog, as well as 150 YouTube videos in my channel
  2. Affiliate links and accounts set up with Amazon, other products
  3. Write an e-book on a topic of importance
  4. Quantim Generation
    1. 50 investors
    2. 10 clients (completed installs)
    3. 10 installation partner companies
    4. Completed video as of Jan. 30, 2016 for investment and advertisement purposes
  5. Real estate, hired at a firm, 10 deals for the year.


As you can see, my goals are plentiful and look to enhance my position on a annual basis.  I would recommend everyone find their goals in these four areas (and beyond, should you have further interests), as having goals, accomplishing them, and striving for more is what life is all about.
Until next time.

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