Location Independence

There’s nothing quite as “sexy” as being able to work whenever, where ever, and with whomever you choose.  Sure we all need money to survive, but in today’s technological world, and with the magic of the internet, you don’t have to be physically present to achieve your business and lifestyle goals.  Say hello to a little concept called Location Independence.


Now, first off, a disclaimer.  Not everyone is ready to drop their 9-5 gig and live out their dreams.  This post isn’t for them.  This is for those that are sick and tired of answering to a boss, having no control, and banging their head against a wall.  I decided from a young age that I would work for only one person in my life; myself. I’m not good with authority and the incompetency of superiors that I would have to answer to, sue me. The decision to be your own business is simple, the implications are hard.  But if living your life on your own terms is the goal, there is only one choice.


Blogging is not a monetarily viable way to make an income, let’s get that out of the way.  However, it is a channel to create your brand, https://boldanddetermined.com/how-to-build-you-inc-podcast-with-mike-cernovich-from-danger-and-play/ (You Inc.) as Victor Pride calls it.  Blogging is the beginning, it is the method in which you can create an audience if you create quality content, share your own story, live your own life, and build yourself.  People will want to listen if you are original.  If you are a copycat, it will not work.  The things that set me apart from you are exactly what sets you apart from me; we are different people with different ideas, and by broadcasting them, we may just create an audience.


After you have started to write online, it becomes a consistency that needs to be adopted.  You cannot write just one article and generate traffic from that (in the early days of your blog).  You need new content that others will come back to your site to read, and build a base of readership that wants more.  With that out of the way, we can talk about monetizing your words, and expansion outwards from a central blog.


Personally, I own multiple websites; a blog, my own name, my business websites, and domains that I believe will be worth more than what I bought them for.  What you can do with these websites is link between them, generating further traffic, Google loves links, and you will be ranked higher, get a larger following, and all your businesses/income streams will benefit from this.  Adding in SEO and fixing posts to increase their visibility is also a good tactic, and generates organic traffic.  You don’t want to pay for traffic in the beginning, likely because you have no way to monetize that traffic.  Some believe in never paying for traffic, and in a perfect world, this would be optimal.  However, advertising new products that you produce I believe is not a bad idea, and if it creates a deeper following in the process, that’s extra benefitting.


Now to monetizing.  You can become affiliates with many major retailers, e-commerce stores, bloggers who sell books, independent retailers, and pretty much everyone if you ask nicely enough.  The thing is to make sure you ask.  If you write a review on a product you believe in (this is vital, don’t sell shit that doesn’t work or you don’t use yourself), you can likely get a commission on that item or service.  This is one of the main ways that you can go about monetizing your channels, and many sites, such as everydaycarry.com and other sites that review products only do this and make very good money.


You can also go about creating your own products, write your own books, or provide your own services. This is where the real money is after building a following, and if people trust you, follow you, and want to support you for the work that you are doing, they will likely purchase from you.  I have not personally done this yet, therefore won’t elaborate much more, however in 2016 there will be big things to come on this front.


You can look to YouTube to create videos in which you expand your reach, views generate leads, and leads can convert.  Simply by being seen, putting your face out there, and becoming an authority on a subject, you generate a following that translates back to your blog, you channels, and your businesses.  I will be working very hard in the New Year on this, and look into my Goals for 2016 video which will be dropping the first week of the New Year.


I can write for days about this topic.  There are other ways that we can monetize our channels and get location independent, I have looked into e-commerce, ads, web development, and much more, but this is the path that I believe best fits my personality and lifestyle; I love writing and creating things, always have.


What other ways have you monetize traffic and got location independent? Leave a comment below.

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