Eat Like a Predator

There is a common misconception amongst the bodybuilding community in that it is totally necessary to eat every 2-4 hours, constituting between 5 and 8 meals a day.  I’m here today to tell you that’s utter bullshit, and that the true issue with caloric intake is what you eat, and how much of it you eat. If we as humans had to eat every 2 to 4 hours in order to maintain energy and musculature, we would have died out as a species lonnnnng ago.  As a busy person, I absolutely loathe the 6 meals a day mentality, and even when I was in school and had less obligations, I still hated eating that often.  It got to the point in which I absolutely hated all food, even junk food (somewhere around the point I reached 205 lbs), and I knew it wasn’t sustainable.  The gastrointestinal terror alone was enough to contemplate never leaving a bathroom.  Something had to give, and after research, I found my way.

Eat like a Predator.  Predators in the sahara or anywhere else don’t eat at all hours of the day.  Humans traditionally didn’t either, and as much as we will insist we’ve come a long way, we haven’t evolved to eat differently than our ancestors did tens of thousands of years ago.  Humans of old would eat large meals on one to three instances per day, sometimes not eating at all.  That’s how it went as a hunter gatherer.  And that’s how I adjusted myself and my diet to reflect a more simplistic and traditional way of eating.hqdefault

As such, the anxiety I experienced towards my next meal lessened.  I didn’t stress about how I didn’t bring tupperware to my next class or the office.  It made life easier.  I will give you my formula today for how I eat, and even my meal plan that I generally follow 6 days a week, because I enjoy the structure and the preparation, if you don’t prepare in advance, you will not have a great physique, no matter how often you workout.  You cannot out work a shit diet, and if you are eating at Burger King because you need to “get your macros in, bro” then your diet is simply, shit.

My diet looks something like this (it still is structure, because I enjoy structure, but you don’t have to make it so cut and dry):

Breakfast (around 6:30-7am)

-Red River cereal (1 cup)

-4 eggs

-Tablespoon Coconut oil

-Scoop protein powder

-Green Juice

Total of around 1250 calories


Shake (after workout)

-Scoop protein

-Egg whites liquid

-Frozen broccoli (or spinach)

-Almond Milk

-Peanut butter

Around 400 cals


Lunch (around 3pm)

-Meat of some kind (turkey, beef, chicken, fish, bison, pork)

-Vegetables of some kind (spinach, broccoli, peas, green beans, salad, tomatos)

-Carb of some kind (potato, sweet potato, rice, quinoa, black/canned beans)

Around 600-800 cals


Dinner (around 7:30)

Same as above

Around 600-800 cals


Light snack before bed (only because I take zinc and if you don’t eat, you will puke)

-Greek yogurt or liquid egg whites

-Almonds or peanut butter

-Raisins or fruit

Around 350-450 cals


Totals around 3200-3700 cals

I do not care to count calories as I am not going to compete, and I also have other numbers to worry about every day.  I am exceptionally healthy, have never had to worry about my weight, and if I want to cut down for summer (it literally takes me 2 weeks to do this) I will carb cycle and reduce carbs, which takes out about 400 calories per day.  I am not on steroids or I would likely need to eat more than this to really put on size.  

The above diet is what I use year round to stay lean (10-13% bf) but to also gain muscle and strength at the same time (strength is required for muscle growth, don’t let anyone tell you differently).  

It’s all about being simple when you have a busy life filled with business, obligations, and everything else.  Life is alot better when you needn’t worry about the simple things that people in less lucky countries worry about every hour of every day.  


Until next time.

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